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Yes, you’ve read it right! It’s about you, not about us.

During our last 18 years in the commercial fitout and construction industry, our commercial interior designers in Melbourne found that significant numbers of healthcare practices and business owners were suffering from a decrease in productivity, profitability and employee satisfaction, high employee turnover, an increase in sick leave requests, and an increase in competition. We, however, found that the quality of your existing interior design space plays a major role in the above-mentioned dilemmas.



We are governed by policies that enforce compliance on our processes, streamline deliverables, control quality, protect our environment, and ensure the highest safety standard is practised within workplaces and on operational sites.

Strict compliance with local authorities regulations such as VBA, Work Safe, Department of Health, and other State & Federal legislative, makes it a must for us to review and update our policies annually to keep up with any new legislation.



At BuildMarque, our reputation and reliability as a brand name is a major part of our ongoing success.

As such, we provide full Warranty and Guarantees on our products and installations, with all constructions carrying a minimum 1 year warranty on construction, code compliance and material.

On top of our standard 12 month commercial warranty. Our supplied products carry a manufacturer warranty ranges from 1-10 year depends on the product. We will pass the product warranty onto you after our standard warranty ceases.


We offer a diverse range of services for commercial Design & Construction projects.

Our main objective in offering these services to our customers is to satisfy both the stated, and implied, Client requirements with zero defects at Practical Completion and in an efficient, proactive, timely and innovative way.

To assist in achieving this objective, we will:

  • Establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve the management system described in our Quality Policy Manual and supporting documents; and
  • Seek to identify, continuously monitor and act on our customer's specific needs and expectations to ensure a mutually satisfying relationship.


We are committed to providing a physically safe, healthy and secure working environment that eliminates accidents and incidents that have the potential to result in personal injury or health issues to workers, contractors or visitors to the workplace. We follow strict OH&S Policies which exceeds the required by legislation.

All contractors shall submit site-specific SWMS to us for review and approval prior to commencing any construction. Also, all high-risk works shall be documented clearly in the SWMS and Safety Management plan that the contractor shall submit.

All contractors' personnel shall review and sign off the SWMS. Our site manager will enforce compliance with site safety rules, PPE, machinery compliance, etc.


We understand risks as being events or conditions that have the potential to impact a project’s objectives for the positive, or for the negative.

Risk Management is the process of identifying, assessing, responding to, monitoring, controlling, and reporting risks.

Our Risk Management Plan defines the way associated risks will be identified, analyzed, and managed. It outlines the performance of risk management activities and details the method of recording and monitoring risk throughout the lifecycle of the project. We also have, inbuilt within our risk management system, the templates and practices required for recording and prioritizing risks by the Risk Manager and/or Risk Management Team.


We recognize our operations, both on site and in the office, can impact the environment. In light of this inevitable impact, we work towards achieving better environmental performances on projects.

Through managing our impact, as well as accepting our environmental responsibilities, we will continue to improve its environmental performance

Our Working Process

Feasibility Consultation

No matter the size, complexity or location, we have a trusted team ready to deliver your vision.

Concept Design

Our in-house design team are here to provide you with a unique perspective from design through to construction.


Most importantly we always ensure that you receive the maximum value for your budget requirements.


Our proven track record in commercial construction, means you have the right partner to guide you through this process.

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